Parent Group Sessions

Hi I’m Dr. Divina Lopez and I am a Board Certified Pediatrician for over 13 years but I am also a coach for parents. I help parents raise happy and healthy humans while maintaining your sanity in my group parent sessions. Allowing you to show up as the parent that you desire to be.

I specialize in helping parents with children who have developmental delays, autism and ADHD. I know that it feels frustrating and overwhelming. Do you feel like you are at your breaking point because you don’t know how to help your child? I can help you figure it out and teach you how to navigate the medical and educational system.

If you are a parent who just wants to get it right for your child then sign up for my parent sessions. You will make confident decisions regarding your child’s care. You will strengthen family bonds when you learn to work as a team. You will find the community of support you have been longing for. You will no longer feel like you are struggling with finding the right providers. You will know what to do in IEP meetings and which accommodations, services and goals are appropriate for your child.

Spaces are limited.

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Program Details:

  • The program starts on January 6, 2024 and goes for 6 weeks
  • Group Coaching 1-1.5 hrs per week live virtual meets with Q&A
  • Whatsapp Access directly with me during the 6 weeks
  • Access to Dancing Into Parenthood Community
  • Use of a parent planner created by Dr. Divina
  • Create a behavioral plan for home
  • Vision Board Event with My Dreamwall

Week 1

  1. Intro- overview of the program and how to connect with me during the next 6 weeks, discuss how to provide the time for the event and ideas to keep your child occupied during the session (child care, new toy, screen time)

Week 2

  1. How to Advocate for your kid
  2. How to Navigate the Medical System
  3. Finding the best providers and partnering up with them

Week 3

  1. How to Navigate the Educational System
  2. Your child’s rights at school and finding the key players to help your child thrive
  3. How to achieve academic success

Week 4

  1. Week 4: Where to Find Support, building your support team
  2. How to feel confident in making decisions to building your family empire
  3. Why surrendering is the best thing you can do for your child

Week 5

  1. Build healthy relationships with your kids
  2. How to break toxic cycles
  3. How to create boundaries with your family
  4. Working as a team with your partner

Week 6

  1. How to love yourself through it all and giving yourself grace
  2. Outro - Tie up loose ends
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