The Dancing Into Parenthood Community Program


This community is a 52-week, interactive video-based training program that inspires and empowers parents to raise happy and healthy babies.

Whether you’re a first time parent or having another baby but want to do it differently this time around and you’re ready to be an intentional parent, Dancing Into Parenthood will challenge you to design the family life you have dreamed of. Your parenthood journey will be fueled with healthy partnerships that will thrive by building a strong foundation right from the start.


What's included?

Action-Packed Modules to Teach You Everything You Need to Know to Plan and Prepare to Have a Happy and Healthy baby!
My Custom-Made Baby Manual
Checklists, Worksheets & Articles to Guide You Through Each Section and Keep You Accountable.
Access To The Dancing Into Parenthood Community Weekly Live Q&As with your Fave Doctora! For an entire year!

Module 1

Introduction to Newborn Care

You Get: Caring for your newborn 45 minute video. You will learn everything from feeding and diapering, and bathing to soothing your baby and so much more.

  1. Getting Dad Involved with the New Baby PDF article
  2. Eco and Baby Friendly Cleaners for the Home PDF article
  3. 8 Tips for introducing your fur baby to your new baby PDF article
  4. Sleep Schedule For 2 Month Olds PDF article

Module 2

Baby Safety

You get: Baby Safety, How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made by New Parents, 30 minute video.

  1. Baby Safety, how to avoid accidents that lead to an ER visit
  2. Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
  3. Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression
  4. Room by Room Baby Safety Checklist PDF article
  5. What you’ll need to have on hand for the early days with your newborn Checklist PDF article
  6. Strategic Childproofing PDF article
  7. Expect These Challenges as a New Mom PDF article
  8. Tips To Let Go of Perfection as a New Mom PDF article
  9. Fall in love with your New Post Baby Body PDF article

Module 3

Boost your baby’s development

You get: Your Baby's Development overview videos, covering:
Birth-3 months
4-6 months
7-9 months
10-12 months

  1. Supporting your baby’s development and aid them in reaching their milestones
  2. Bonding with baby
  3. Playing with baby
  4. You’ll also get 18 additional videos that’ll teach you how to specifically support your baby’s brain development, speech and language development, fine and gross motor development, social and emotional development

Module 4

Reconnecting as a couple

You get: Self-care for parents and reconnecting as a couple 19 minute video.

  1. Date Night
  2. Self-care for parents
  3. Establishing your Family Empire how to use the Family Report Card
  4. How To Get Your Life Back on Schedule PDF article

BONUS #1 !

Mama Guide What They Didn’t Tell You at the Hospital New Mama Guide, Cheers to your New Journey!

Are you ready to be the CEO of your Motherhood Journey? The new mama guide is a short and sweet e-guide filled with tips and supportive ideas to boost confidence & calm frazzled nerves. The guide provides a relaxed, down-to-earth approach to help you prioritize yourself by understanding your postpartum body, the emotional changes you will go through, having a sex life after the baby and the best way to take care of your health while taking care of your baby. The guide will also prepare you for returning to work.

BONUS #2 !

Dad’s Guide to the Delivery Room

Dr. Lopez does not want you to be worried about missing the birth of your child because you’re nervous about the delivery room. Now you can witness the miracle of your son or daughter being born!
Don’t let fear keep you from experiencing a literally life-changing event. Be prepared with information to take away the mystery of childbirth away so you can witness this miracle for yourself!
What will you find in the Ultimate Dad’s Guide to The Delivery Room? So much! Just look!

  • The stages of labor and what to expect.
  • What happens when you get to the hospital?
  • How to provide comfort measures for her.
  • What to bring with you.
  • The Labor Tool Kit!

You’ll impress her with the knowledge you will gain by reading this!

BONUS #3 !

Baby and Parent Journal

Sweet Baby memories and First Year Milestones are recorded in this New Beginnings Baby Journal Booklet. You will be able to record feedings, sleep, and diaper changes. There is a section for recording baby’s growth and visits to the doctor. The booklet also includes a section for parent selfcare and wellbeing. Dr. Lopez also included affirmations to keep you positive in the most exciting chapter of your life

BONUS #4 !

Family Report Card

Here's a unique way to open up family communication. The Report Card lets the couple grade their parenting skills and communication—on everything from parenting to your relationship.

The Report Card gives a structured and acceptable way to express your feelings. It provides the kind of honest feedback that's hard to come by—often illuminating issues that a couple didn't realize were important. This process often shows how the couple's perceptions can differ and will help open up lines of communication to make improvements. Dr. Lopez suggests that this Report Card be used on a weekly basis during the date night, she believes that open communication is the center to having a thriving partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What services are being offered?

First I want to make it clear that as a coach I will not be functioning as your Pediatrician. As a coach I will not be performing physical exams and I will not be diagnosing or treating your infant. I can certainly guide you and help you understand how to choose the right Pediatrician for your baby. I can provide anticipatory guidance, breast feeding advice, sleep advice, teach you how to get the baby on a schedule, teach you how to support your baby’s development, nutrition for baby and also advice to keep you functioning as a happy couple. Expect the virtual LIVE Q&A sessions to last about 60 minutes each week. You are encouraged to send questions via email to

2. What made you decide to offer a digital program for parents?

Click here to read my story.

3. How can I access your services?

You can access my services by purchasing my digital program or community. You may contact me via email if you have any other questions about the service.

4. What happens in an emergency situation?

If you are encountering an emergency with your infant you should call 911 immediately and notify your pediatrician as well!

5. How long will it take for emails to be answered?

Email will be answered within 24-48 hours.

6. So, What Happens When You Look At The Cost Of A Prenatal Childcare Course And You Think, Oh Crap, That’s Expensive?

I know, when you are preparing for a baby, you have a lot of things on your mind and a lot of demands on your wallet.
Did you know that your prenatal childcare course may be covered by insurance? And that you can use your flex savings or health savings accounts to pay any difference?

7. How Do You Get Your Prenatal Childcare Education Course Covered By Your Insurance?

The first thing you have to do is call your insurance and find out what you are eligible for. Grab your insurance card.
On the back there is a number to call.
Call them.
Tell them you want to take a prenatal childcare class and ask what the process is to have part or all of your class covered.
They will be able to tell you what and how much they will pay towards classes. Most insurance plans cover either partially or in full.

8. What Is The Normal Process To Have My Prenatal Childcare Education Course Covered By Insurance?

Once you know how much your insurance will cover for you for your class, you need to know how to do it.

Most of the time you will pay out of pocket for the class. Then you will have to submit a form and your receipt to your insurance company.
If you purchase the Dancing Into Parenthood course you may immediately print out the reimbursement form that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

9. What Codes Do I Need To Give To My Insurance Company To Have My Prenatal Childcare Education Covered By Insurance?

There are two pieces of information you need to give your insurance company when asking about coverage.
This is the CPT code so they can appropriately document the purpose and the diagnosis code,that tells them why you should be covered.
The insurance CPT code for prenatal childcare classes is: S9444. You may also need this: Diagnosis code Z32.3, which is for prenatal childcare education.

10. What If I Don’t Have Insurance Or Money To Pay For A Course?

Preparing for a baby is expensive. I do not know what your options are for other classes, but when it comes to Dancing Into Parenthood, we have scholarships for moms who can’t afford classes, but really need to participate. Reach out and ask us about our options for families experiencing hardships.
Send your inquiry to

11. Why Should I Spend Money On Prenatal Childcare Classes?

Newborn care classes can be an investment that protects not only your baby’s health but your financials as well.
Here are just some of the benefits of taking a proper prenatal and childcare education class:

  • Reduce your risk of feeling confused when baby arrives
  • Reduce the risks of making the same mistakes that many new parents make leading to urgent and emergency care visits
  • Decrease the anxiety of becoming a new parent
  • Have virtual support that you can always refer to in the comfort of your home
  • Reduce the risk of postpartum depression
  • Increase the odds your baby will be happy, safe and healthy
  • Need fewer calls and visits to your baby’s doctor
  • Learn how to make your home safe for your baby
  • Increase your knowledge on what is happens when you bring home baby
  • Create the best experience possible for your new family
  • Deeper bonding and strengthening of your family
  • Make connections and friends that can support you in this new stage of life

When you are better prepared for your baby, you build a better foundation for your family, which means that you will have peace of mind in the long run as well.

12. What If I Don’t Want To Prepare For My Baby Through A Class?

That’s fine! Classes can be mega empowering and a great way to connect. But sometimes you are too busy, too broke, or truly just need a light refresher.

13. When Should I Start A Newborn Care Class?

A good time to start the class in your second or third trimester. You want to complete the program before the baby arrives. That mean giving yourself time to watch the videos each week and read the pdfs.

14. To Summarize, Are Newborn Care Courses Covered By Insurance?

Yes, most insurance plans cover prenatal parenting classes either fully or partially. To find out what exactly is covered by your plan, call the customer service number on the back of your card. Give them the code and diagnosis code below:
The insurance CPT code for parenting classes is: S9444.
Diagnosis code Z32.3 which is for prenatal childcare instruction: Newborn Care Class.
Anything not covered by insurance can be paid for with a health savings or flexible savings account or out of pocket.
I’m so excited for you to welcome your baby and hope you have an amazing parenting experience!

Sounds great! My family will benefit from the community!
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