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Dancing Into Parenthood with Dr. Divina offers a full array of webinars for all new and expecting mothers and non- birthing partners too! From the third trimester, to the fourth trimester and beyond we empower, support, and inspire you to help you raise a happy and healthy baby.
Intergenerational Trauma in the BIPOC Pregnant and Postpartum Parents

This discussion, with Dr. Divina Board Certified Pediatrician , features a discussion on the effects of developmental trauma for BIPOC pregnant and postpartum parents when raising the next generation. This webinar provides information on how to identify the unique trauma experienced as a BIPOC parent and how it is triggered in your own parenthood journey.As new parents it is important to become self aware of your own unresolved trauma to prevent you from inflicting toxic cycles to your babies and children. You will learn to become the cycle breaker, and you will gain the ability to raise a happy and emotionally healthy child.

Navigating Your Relationship in the first year postpartum

Spending all hours of the day at home taking care of an infant can feel - well - impossible. This webinar aims to provide guidance and strategies to improve communication, create individual space, and tackle the swirling tasks taking place all under one roof - together. Learn how to make the most as a couple through this challenging time. Partners welcome!

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes New Parents Make in the First Year of Baby’s Life

Dr. Divina has created a webinar to inform new and expecting parents of the most common emergencies she has see throughout her career as a Pediatrician because infants and children aged <5 years, account for more than 40 percent of pediatric ED visits. In this webinar Dr. Divina educates parents on baby safety, which includes bringing baby home and preparing the home environment for your growing baby in their first year of life.

Intentional Parenting for the BIPOC Community

Intentional Parenting is no easy skill to practice! Dr. Divina loves to share her advice not only as a Pediatrician but also a mother on how to put into practice intentional parenting even on your worse day. Learn how to regulate yourself and stick to the vision of your family empire in your own parenthood journey. Learning strategies and tools to use in your parenthood journey will decrease the reactive parenting which can be unhealthy for your child. Learn to build a strong foundation in your relationship with your child.

Newborn Care Basics and Baby Development

We will discuss all you need to know to handle your newborn in the first three months of life.Most new parents need some instruction on how to care for their newborn once they arrive home with their baby.Babies needtime when transitioning from the womb to their new home and Dr. Divina will show you exactly what you need to know!You will also learn all about your baby’s cognitive, emotional, speech and language, and fine and gross motor development.You will learn how to support and play with your baby to help them reach their developmental milestones.